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The American Flag needs to add a bright, yellow banana in that blue patch above the stripes. In the eyes of the world, we are a banana republic.
Incited to riot by the President, and the failure in response towards a mob of domestic terrorists, the world can think nothing less, and our enemies can think of nothing more.

America has been speeding in that direction ever since 1980. And when they threw the Constitution into the fire early in the Trump Administration, his Republican enablers gladly dug the pit.

With the winds of misinformation blowing hard and enabling Republicans…

I know this is asking much, but please accept this thank you letter as a sincere sentiment on my behalf.

Today is cause to celebrate!

Today, your American Senate found the time to push through a judge to the floor of your chamber, but visibly failed in finding the time to help the millions of your fellow Americans who are unemployed, people evicted and losing their homes, hungry, homeless from losing everything to wildfires, breadlines, and over 227,000 your brothers and sisters dead!

Between Catholics (22%) and Protestants (60%), over 80% of your Senate claims to be Christian. I was…

In 1986’s BEST PICTURE, PLATOON, the lead character sums up the fight in Vietnam in his closing statement:

“I think now, looking back, we did not fight the enemy. We fought ourselves, and the enemy was in us.”

If there is anything that I have heard over the years in my life is that “you are too hard on yourself.”

I know that pushing yourself beyond what is capable is not the drive that compels a person to succeed. It’s not that cut and dry because each of us is different, and there is no one way to paint persons…

I was on the phone with my daughter yesterday, and she says, “Dad, I got some bands you need to check out.” We talk music all the time.

I would love to pass those recommendations she made to you, but I didn’t write them down, and I’ll be damned if I can remember them. Also, I’m kind of embarrassed to ask her if she could repeat the names again. It reminds me that I had way to much fun in my 20’s if you know what I mean.

In what was formerly known as junior high, now called middle school…


If you are offended by strong language, THIS isn’t for you. I’m pissed and YOU should be too.

Hey, Americans in Your 40’s and 50’s who lost your job because the pandemic, Go fuck yourselves!

The COVID-19 pandemic has once again scored me another first.

I had never lost my job until COVID-19 wiped out both my company and my job in March of this year. I found another job and was set to add a new chapter to my work-life. During the training on the first day, it became apparent I was in over my head. After almost a week, I was let go. Up to that point, after working since I was fifteen years old, I was let go for performance.

Was I bitter? It just hurt. But if I had been the…

Women are going to save the United States.

Why do I say that?

Let’s begin with the obvious. Let’s begin with you. Let’s start with the very first woman we all encountered. Let’s start with mom.

Think about all the BS you pulled as a kid and then a teenager. Yeah, kids can be a nightmare sometimes, and you contributed to that opinion when you start to think about it.

And yet, your mom continued to love you. She overcame the frustration and continued to take care of you. She sat patiently and listened to you complain about Christine Sawyer…

What has happened to Americans? Are we really what we’re seeing on the Internet and the news? Has the rest of the world written us off? Well, we can’t really answer that. Americans aren’t allowed in the rest of the world.

This past weekend was another couple of days of action by Americans that, unfortunately, is transitioning into the new norm. Considering all the examples that are monopolizing the news, I’m beginning to wonder if American’s behavior towards race and the threat of death from COVID-19 are examples that at least 40% of us are crazy.

It’s almost like this…

Finding that SOMETHING

Every morning I block out at least two hours to write. Usually, a subject will hit me, and I’m off and typing.

This one morning? I had nothing.

I didn’t want to tackle current events. I find it hard to even recognize the present reality.

I haven’t sat down and watched anything new on the streaming services, so commenting on a show or movie was out.

I could write about all of the jobs I have been applying for. I could go on about how I haven’t heard anything back from them too. …

The INTERNET has become the great equalizer. What I mean by that is that almost anyone can get her/his work seen by thousands.

That’s good, and that’s bad. It now means there’s so much material out there, finding that “new thing” becomes even more of a challenge.

Despite the new technology, using the INTERNET holds the same problem that has always been the problem with starting a new venture; how are you different? What makes what you do or provide more exciting than all the others out there?

With my job layoff during this pandemic, I have begun laying the…

Tony Taylor

“Tony Taylor is a freelance writer and filmmaker based in Orlando, Florida. Tony works as a freelance DGA Assistant Director and writer.

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